Testimonials & Reviews

"This the part of Monique's website where I tell you that you MUST hire her immediately.  Do it."

​Sandy Marshall, Founder - Marshall Creative



​"Ms. Madrid was a pleasure to work with. She was able to tailor her skills to meet the vision of the shoot, while allowing the artist to stay true to her image. She is a breath of fresh air in this industry."

– Lauren Ritchie, Art Director AEMMP Records

"I had so much fun working with Monique on the set of my photo shoot. She completed my makeup and hair FLAWLESSLY and was such a joy to be around. She was able to give us tons of ideas after only looking at me for a matter of seconds and changed my look multiple times for multiple shots. I had so much fun working with her that I stay in contact with her via her Facebook page so that I can stay current with the other projects she's a part of. Thanks again, Monique! I can't wait to work with you again soon!"

Amanda Sena, Singer/Songwriter

"I'm one of those people who never wears makeup because I just can't get it right. Monique is the first person who has been able to make me look both great and natural. Thank you, Monique, for helping me put my best face forward."

Cynthia Austin

“On any shoot, there are always 5,000 things that you have to deal with,  both expected and unexpected, so you try to work with people who can get  the job done and do it extremely well, so everything will function well  and efficiently and you won't have to worry. Working with Monique is an  absolute treat because you can trust that she's going to do a beautiful  job from the minute she gets on set.”

Steve Delahoyde, Founder - Delahoyde Projects



"Monique has been an absolute pleasure on our film set. She works quick, shows up on time, and does an amazing job. She is an extremely talented professional and we will be lucky if she has time to be on set with us again in the future. "
Katie Bryan, Associate Producer, Kurtis Productions - National Geographic


"Monique is a class act and a lot of fun to work with. On set, she keeps the mood light and everything running smoothly. Not only is she a great hair and makeup stylist but a wonderful actress as well. I look forward to working with her again."

​ Peter-John Campbell, Claymore Pictures

"This was the first time I had ever gotten highlights and I absolutely loved them…as did all the people that complimented the color. You always know what to do with my hair and I always end up loving it."

Tahnee Lacey